Github source update

Quick update for those of you pulling the source from the github repo:

Somehow I had an old version of the MCPI API (v0.1.0 vs. v0.1.1) checked in.  This resulted in some programs failing (I was starting to debug myself why tntsnake was failing on our raspberry pi).

Major kudos and thanks to Kristina (@gelicia) who 1) figured out what was wrong, 2) notified me on twitter, 3) and submitted a pull request with the changes!

Anyway the changes have been merged in at this point.  What this means if any of the programs were failing for you before — they should now be working!

If you don’t recall what to do — you can review our last post on github usage, but here’s a quick summary:

  1. To download all the scripts for the first time or to a new directory
    1. Install git (see the above post for instructions)
    2. Open a command prompt or unix shell
    3. Create the directory where you want to download the scripts and change to it (e.g. md/mkdir, cd)
    4. run the command “git clone”
  2. If you have previously downloaded the scripts, to get the latest updates
    1. In the Command Prompt or Unix Shell, navigate to the directory where you downloaded the scripts (e.g. cd)
    2. run the command “git fetch origin” — this downloads all the changes to your computer
    3. run the command “git merge origin/master” — this applies all the changes

Once you’ve done either set of steps above — you should have a complete and working copy of all the scripts.

Thanks again Kristina (@gelicia)!!


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