Pocket Edition + Raspberry PI Edition = Compatible

Do you have Minecraft Pocked Edition running on another device – like a iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or Android Phone or Tablet?

If so — this post will tell you how you can connect Minecraft Pi Edition on Raspberry PI with Minecraft Pocket Edition on one of the devices above?

First here are two pics — one showing the stuffaboutcode big clock running on both raspberry pi and the iPod Touch, and the other showing effect of the rainbow script on the iPod Touch!!

photo rainbow

So why is this cool?  Well by doing this you can…

  1. Have two or more people playing Minecraft together – one on the Raspberr PI and one or more on the devices named above!
  2. If you run a python script against Minecraft on the Raspberry Pi — you can interact with it on one of the devices above!!

Here’s how to do this yourself

  1. Make sure both the raspberry pi and ios/android device are on the same home network as this won’t work over the internet.
  2. On your raspberry pi
    1. Start Minecraft
    2. Click Start Game
    3. Select the game you want to play
  3. On your iOS or Android device:
    1. Launch Minecraft Pocked Edition
    2. click join game.
    3. select “Steve Pi”

Thats it 🙂

Let us know in the comments how this works for you!


11 thoughts on “Pocket Edition + Raspberry PI Edition = Compatible

  1. My iPod said “Outdated Server!” when it ried to join my game. I know that this means that the two devices are different versions but isn’t it impossible to have the same version if they are different devices?

  2. Yes, this is definitely an issue – I get that same error. I’ve heard it works with MC:PE version 0.6.0, but the current version of 0.8 MC:PE isn’t compatible with MC:Pi 0.1.1

    • I have sadly noticed that that they sort of stopped working on Minecraft Raspberry PI edition and as you may know Minecraft PE is even more up to date than the PC edition so sadly the two versions are no longer compatible.

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