Daniel Bates’ demo scripts for Minecraft Pi Edition

Back when Minecraft Pi Edition was first announced by Daniel Bates here, he included a youtube video showing what could be achieved through programming.

Unfortunately once the official release of Minecraft Pi Edition v0.1.1 came out, these scripts no longer worked as the interface had changed.

I had shared these scripts on one of this blog’s early posts. Luckily Daniel saw it and fixed his code — and I’ve been slow in sharing it back out.

So first, here’s the original youtube video from WAY BACK in December 22nd, 2012 — it’s still pretty cool.

So if you want to try this out, you’ll need two scripts:

  1. danielbates_setblockdemo.py
  2. danielbates_minecraft_basic.py

The first is the actual script, the second is a set of helper functions.

Both are available on the github as usual, instructions on how to download and sync are here.

PS: Starting with this post, I’ll no longer be including source code for the python scripts except for the most simple scripts.  The reason for this change is python being a white space sensitive language (e.g. the spaces and tabs control program execution) it can be a real pain to copy and paste python code.  The right way to get this code is to get it from github.  If you want to copy and paste code or view it — you can do it from the github links above.  Or it’s hopefully even easier for you to download all of the code to your machine.




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