RaspberryJuice v1.2 update available, thanks Zhuowei!

Zhuowei Zhang has updated RaspberryJuice to v1.2! v1.2 includes the following changes:

  1. added world.getBlockWithData to be compatible with Minecraft Pi 1.1.
  2. changed block hit events to listen for right-click with sword
  3. added ban-ip feature: if an IP is banned in the server, connections to the Pi API will be automatically kicked

I’m most excited about the addition of getBlockWithData. With this change, the minescan.py program works just as well against the desktop as the raspberry pi.

Download the v1.2 change here.

Thanks Zhuowei for making this change!

If you’re not familiar with RaspberryJuice, check out my previous post on it here


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