Running Python Programs without a Raspberry Pi…

If you’d like to try out these programs without having a Raspberry PI — there is another solution!  With a custom server and a plug-in you can run the python programs on your desktop and try out these scripts to get results like this one:


You’ll need:

  1. A PC (Windows, Mac, Linux, etc) running the Minecraft client from and a paid account
  2. A CraftBukkit server — installation instructions are available here.
  3. The Raspberry Juice plugin – details are here, download the 1.2 version from here or get the source here.

Hats off to zhuowei aka HTTP500 for creating the RaspberryJuice plugin.  This implements most (not all) of the interfaces as what Minecraft Pi Edition has – so most if not all of the python programs will run!

To get the Juice plugin working:

  1. Start up Bukkit according to the instructions for your platform
    1. This is important as it creates all the directories and other files needed
  2. Shutdown bukkit (as it’s time to install the plugin)
  3. Copy the raspberryjuice-1.1.1.jar file to the plugins directory
  4. Restart bukkit
  5. Just to make sure it’s installed – on the console type “plugins”

You should see something close to:

17:18:29 [INFO] Plugins (1): RaspberryJuice

If you get that, you are set!

Now connect your Minecraft client to your bukkit server (e.g. localhost if running on the same machine) and Try out the python/minecraft programs!

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3 thoughts on “Running Python Programs without a Raspberry Pi…

    • 1. Launch Minecraft

      2. Type In Username And Password And Click Play

      3. Select Multiplayer And Select Add Server

      4.Then For The Server Name Name It Whatever You Want

      5.For The Ip Type “localhost” No Spaces or Apostrophe’s

      6. Click Done

      7.Then On The Very Bottom Of Your Server’s List Look For The Server

      8. Select And Click Join Server

      • Thanks. That is what I needed.

        This is really pretty amazing. When I demo’ed the Pi version at a Maker Faire, the kids were complaining how limited it was (i.e., a cut-down version of PE with only Creative Mode). With this, you can run a full multi-player world in Survival Mode!

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