Welcome to MCPIPY (MineCraft for raspberry PI and PYthon) and thanks for checking it out.

The purpose of this blog is to promote the use of Python with Minecraft Pi Edition running on Raspberry Pi.  What we do is:

  1. Find python scripts others have posted to forums, blogs or anywhere else (including occasionally our own creations)
  2. Share out the source, images, videos and some commentary
  3. Add the scripts to our github repository to make it easy for a new and old viewers to get them all easily
  4. Ensure the authors get the credit they deserve — in the blog posting and in the source code.

We do modify the source code as required to ensure it works with the rest of the scripts in the github.  Usually this just means modifying the import statements at the top of the script.

If you are new to the blog I’d recommend starting with these articles:

If you’d like to get in contact with us there are several options.  You can leave a comment, contact us on twitter @mcpipy or email us at mcpipy at mcpipy.com

This blog is maintained by Phillip (fleap in minecraft) and Brooks (bluepillRabbit).

About Phillip:

Hi, I’m Phillip, I’m 9 years old and my nickname is Fleap.  I love programing and Minecraft and I also do html:) check out my website here i also use codeacademy to help me learn. If you want to find me on a server i usually play a server called Empire minecraft the server name is: “smp5.Empire.us”. I do not currently have my own public server YET.   Well we covered about everything about me i want to share here but one more thing to contact me my twitter user name!:) is: fleap123 . Here is a link to my twitter page.. Thats it :).

About Brooks:

I’m Phillip’s Dad and I started this blog with Phillip because I love Python and what Raspberry PI represents — which is a return to the old days of computing where kids learned how to program and hack these devices to do amazing new things.  When I was a kid, my very first computer was a Franklin Ace 1000 which was a Apple IIe clone.  In those days it wasn’t very easy to get new software – if I wanted to do something new with my computer I’d probably have to get the latest issue of Compute! magazine and type in one of the basic programs like this one.  Things have certainly changed since then, but playing with Raspberry Pi brings me back to those days.  As I’ve seen how much Phillip, my daughters and their friends love Minecraft – I hope Minecraft Pi Edition and Raspberry Pi will give them a chance to experience the joy of creating something for themselves — but making it easy and approachable.  I hope you discover the same things.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello! I just kinda started reading your blog. It seems that we have a lot alike. I am part of Codecademy, I love Minecraft (and coding), and I am very good at HTML! Love your blog, too. 😀

  2. Brilliant! – excellent site – Thx. I’m using Raspberryjuice on a bukkit server (1.6) with the client 1.62.
    The Codeacademy resource ‘minecraft pi book’ by Craig Richardson as an excellent companion text.

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