Calling contributors for anything and everything!

Writing this blog has been a lot of fun — far more than I expected.  It was started as a way to collect the python programs Phillip and I found and to encourage ourselves and others to learn about Python by playing with Minecraft and Raspberry Pi.  It’s been great to see how many people are discovering Minecraft PI Edition (MCPI) themselves and writing python scripts… and I given this is just v0.1.1 and a few weeks old, I expect it it will continue to take off.

Which is leading me to the realization — there is more already than Phillip and I can handle ourselves and we need the help of others to continue this.  So I’m making a request for help!

If you are interested in helping, please drop us an email at and if you have ideas on how you can help – please include that.

There is lots that can be done, here are a few ideas on how I’d like to get help from others — but if there is something you can do not on this list, please let us know!

  1. One time or repeat contributors – Write one or more articles to appear on the blog.  It can be any topic related to Python (or Programming), Minecraft and Raspberry PI (or RaspberryJuice)
  2. Finding scripts – help us search the far corners of the the net for interesting creations we should highlight.
  3. Testing scripts – we have a number of scripts we haven’t had time to test out.  Test them, grab some photos or even make a youtube video!
  4. Github updates – besides checking in the last scripts, we can discuss ideas on how to improve this resource further…
  5. Promotion – help us get the word out on how to program Minecraft in python on raspberry pi — and find others that can learn from the blog, and contribute!

Finally if you aren’t able to help — then please leave a comment to encourage us and note what you’d like to see on future blog posts.  We have a wide range of interests among the readers and we’d like to get to know you better so we can prioritize creating the right content.

As always, thanks for reading and all the contributions to date!!


6 thoughts on “Calling contributors for anything and everything!

  1. I have been a regular visitor to your webpage since I came across it. Thank you for your work and effort thus far. I too am a father (son is about to turn 4) and I am having fun trying to learn this programming stuff to hopefully pass it on to my son when he gets a bit older. Thanks again.

    • Thanks for the kudos Don, I’m very happy to hear you are enjoying it!

      I was encouraging Phillip and my daughters to learn Python programming about 2 years back with the book Hello World ( and they didn’t get it into it much then — but I was thrilled when Phillip was coding this past Friday to figure out how to build in Minecraft. Mixing the two together is magic!

      • Thanks, I thought about this — but have to wonder if all these spam bots are searching the internet for email addresses, wouldn’t you think that someone would have coded them to recognize “name at”? I’ve seen only a few permutations out there…

        I considered using to also obscure the email address – but decided to just put the email address out there and see if I get any spam (which gmail can’t filter anyway)

        We’ll see if I regret this later 🙂

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